Sydney Harbour Bridge

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Sydney Harbour Bridge | Port Jackson | Gold Coast

The Sydney Harbour Bridge was officially opened on March 19, 1932 after the original tender was contracted in 1924. It took 1400 men eight years to build, and required 53,000 tonnes of steel and 6 million hand-driven rivets to create. Spanning 1149 metres, with an arch span of 503 metres, it was inevitable that the bridge would earn the nickname ‘The Coathanger’. The arch of the bridge is comprised of two 28-panel arch trusses. The deck of the bridge stretches 48.8 metres wide, making it the widest long-span bridge in the world. The Sydney Harbour Bridge can rise or fall up to 18cm, depending on the temperature. The bridge has four concrete pylons, each standing 89 metres high. The south-eastern pylon is open to the public and offers amazing views. The Pylon Lookout incorporates 200 stairs and has five distinct levels. Access is from the entry level, while level one has an artefacts display of the amazing memorabilia of the bridge. Level two has a souvenir shop and a model of the arches the day they were joined. The mezzanine level is a tribute to the early days of the bridge, including the famous premature ribbon slashing by Captain Francis De Groot’s sword at the opening ceremony. Once you ascend the lookout level, you will realise the trip was well worth it! On a clear day, it is possible to see the Blue Mountains. Another way of exploring the Harbour Bridge is through BridgeClimb Sydney. Taking in catwalks and ladders, you can climb right up to the summit of this spectacular icon. Once you set off on your three and a half hour journey, you will be amazed at the sights and feelings you get along the way! If you have ever wanted a unique experience to treasure, or a bird’s eye view of the city, this is for you. When it comes to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, there aren’t many icons more Australian. Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee) actually worked as a painter on the bridge before becoming an internationally recognised actor.

Sydney Harbour Bridge
Address:   Cumberland Street, Port Jackson, Gold Coast
Phone:      02 9240 1100

Sydney Harbour Bridge

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Sydney Harbour Bridge -33.854602, 151.209487 Sydney Harbour Bridge Cumberland Street, Port Jackson Phone: 02 9240 1100
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