Luna Park


Luna Park has been in business since the 1930’s. It is an amusement park that has been completely redesigned so that it offers modern rides and activities. You don’t have to pay anything to enter the park, but you do have to pay for tickets if you want to ride anything. Buy as many tickets as you want, or you can purchase a pass when you get to the gate. There are online specials that you can purchase before you go to the park.


Many of the rides are for children and their parents to ride together, but there are some rides that are only for children. Some of the rides in the park have been there since the park originally opened. They have been updated so that they are safe for guests. The park is divided into two different areas. These areas are Coney Island and Luna Park. Coney Island is home to a fun house and maze of mirrors that is fun for the entire family. This is also where several of the kid’s rides are.


As with any amusement park, there are games that the family can play. The games do cost extra to play. If you get hungry while you are at the park, there are several locations where you can get a snack or full meal. You can choose from fish, ice cream, hamburgers and hot dogs at several food stands and cafeterias in the park. If you are not from the area there is accommodation near the amusement park. Visiting Luna Park is the most fun anyone can have whilst visiting Sydney!



1 Olympic Drive, Milsons Point Ph: 02 9033-7676
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