Discover for yourself why Sydney Museums are so popular. If you’re visiting Sydney and are stuck for things to do, spend a day in one of the museums from the list below by yourself, with friends or with family. Museums are a big part of Australia and the world, providing a wide range of science, history and art information.


A visit to a Sydney museum can be very enjoyable for kids and adults alike as they boast fun and educational activities, fantastic monuments, historical exhibits, exciting tours and much much more! To gain some knowledge about Australian history and culture, visit a museum today and become completely amazed.


 The Rocks Discovery Museum

The Rocks Discovery Museum
The Rocks is one of Sydney’s most popular tourist attractions and for the best overview of the area, visit the Rocks Discovery Museum. This museum provides a unique collection of artefacts, images, exhibits and interactive displays from the time of the aboriginal traditional owners to the days of the early colony and through to the 1970s protests that preserved this historic area of Sydney for future generations to discover.
Kendall Lane, Sydney Ph: 02 9240-8680  View Map

 The Australian Museum

Australian Museum
Founded in 1827, the Australian Museum is the oldest museum in Australia. Located on College Street in Sydney, the museum is known internationally for its focus on natural history, anthropology and Aboriginal prehistory. To keep the kids entertained, the Australian Museum boasts activities for smaller children through creative arts, song and dance.

6 College Street, Sydney Ph: 02 9320-6000 View Map


 Susannah Museum

Susannah Museum
Susannah Place is an interesting tourist location that includes four brick homes from the year of 1844 in The Rocks, Sydney. As an attraction, Susannah Place provides an unusually accurate and preserved example of 19th century homes in Sydney. Visitors can see the original privies and subsequent privies in the backyards. The homes are intended to be a museum for those interested in the history of Sydney in a way that is unique to Susannah Place – preserved almost perfectly.

58-64 Gloucester Street, The Rocks Ph: 02 9241-1893  View Map


 Arms of Australia Museum

Arms of Australia Museum
Visitors to Sydney will find it intriguing to spend a day appreciating the history found in the Arms of Australia Inn Museum. When tourists arrive at the museum, they’ll find thousands of classic photographs and plenty of traditional relics that depict the area’s past. Several tours are featured at the museum, and history buffs may be interested in reserving a spot for one of its lantern tours.
Gardenia Avenue, Penrith Ph: 02 4753-4394  View Map

 Mary MacKillop Place Musuem

Mary MacKillop Place Museum
Enjoy a memorable visit to Mary MacKillop Place Museum for a chance to learn the history of a truly amazing woman. Located in North Sydney, the museum is considered a spiritual tour of Mary’s gift to the Aboriginal People. First opened in 1995, the museum commemorates the commitment of Australia’s first Saint and the timeline of her life. Featuring a chapel, museum and cafe, visitors can explore, meditate or relax with a cup of coffee.

7 Mount Street, North Sydney Ph: 02 8312-4878  View Map


 Powerhouse Museum

Powerhouse Museum
The Powerhouse Museum offers a rich and diverse collection that compasses design, history, space exploration, music, science, technology and decorative arts. Located in the Ultimo power station near Darling Harbour in Sydney, the museum is operated by the State Government. With over 500,000 items in the museums inventory, visitors learn information about Australia’s diverse heritage, culture and lifestyle through time.
500 Harris Street, Ultimo Ph: 02 9217-0111  View Map

 Museum of Sydney

Museum Of Sydney
As the name suggests, the Museum of Sydney explores Sydney, from earliest, Aboriginal times through the convict era and the building of the colony to Australia in WWII to present day Sydney. The city’s peoples, cultures, histories and stories are related through artefacts, photos and multimedia displays, enjoyed by many tourists and locals alike. For history buffs, the Museum of Sydney is a multicultural and multimedia treat.
Bridge Street, Sydney Ph: 02 9251-5988 View Map

 Justice and Police Museum

Justice and Police Museum
The dark side of harbour crime and the evolution of law and justice in New South Wales is the purview of the Justice and Police Museum. Today, the building contains an 1890s police charge room, a magistrate’s court and holding cells where criminals were kept. The museum relates crime solving history through an extensive archive of negatives, criminal mug shots and crime scene photos. Make a day of it with a trip to the Justice and Police Museum to soak up detailed Australian history.

Phillip Street, Sydney Ph: 02 9252-1144 View Map