The beautiful stretch of beaches along the north side of the harbour is highly regarded as the birthplace of Australian surfing. In 1915, a Hawaiian surfer, surfed in Sydney on a locally crafted surfboard based on the traditional Hawaiian design.


Since then, Sydney has four beaches that are recognised as national surfing reserves, these beaches include Manly, North Narrabeen, Cronulla and Maroubra. These four beaches are popular amongst many and have provided surfers with great waves for years.



Manly Surf
Manly Beach is one of Sydney’s most iconic strip of sand. This beach provides some great waves with the southern end being ideal for learners with reliable sandbanks and easy spilling waves. On its day, the northern end of the beach can handle waves as big as five metres, but you’ll need a large board or jet ski to tackle those!



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 North Narrabeen

North Narrabeen Surf
The waves at ‘North Narra’ are a surfers paradise. With a left turning point-break aswell as hollow and powerful waves, North Narrabeen is highly regarded as one of the best in Sydney and the entire country. The waves here can take off and provide a beautiful clean barrel 300 metres across the beach on a good day.



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Cronulla Surf
A beautiful beach which caters for all surfers, Cronulla is one of many great surfing beaches across Australia and Sydney. Although this beach is often crowded, Surfers still love to catch the beautiful fast, right handed waves. This spot is more appropriate for the intermediate or advanced surfers, but beginners can enjoy the run on smaller days.



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Maroubra Surf
Maroubra beach is often overlooked as one of the masterpieces of Sydney surfing. Being completely open to the beautiful Pacific Ocean, there is no interruptions with full strength waves coming in day in, day out. Although it’s not recommended for inexperienced surfers, Maroubra can be enjoyed by all and is simply one of the most outstanding surfing beaches Sydney has on offer.


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Coogee Beach Surf
On its day, Coogee can boast some of the best surfing waves in the state. It’s perfect for beginners and advanced surfers alike, providing the occasional wedge wave. Being a beach break, Coogee provides great left and right handed waves with the wind and swells being just right to be enjoyed by all.



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 Shark Island

Shark Island Surf
Strictly recommended for advanced surfers, Shark Island caters for world class waves. This reef based surfing hotspot can be dangerous if you tackle it without the correct skill set. If you are qualified for the task, Shark Island can be one of the most extreme Surfing spots you could ever come across and will be an unforgettable experience.



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 Palm Beach

Palm Beach Surfing
The last stop of your journey towards the North. Palm Bach is an enjoyable stretch of beach for rookies and pro surfers alike. Many people don’t know that Palm Beach is where the long time running television program Home and Away is filmed. This beach break has plenty of fun waves and caters for the perfect barrel surfers are always dreaming of.



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Bondi Surfing
Arguably the most popular beach in all of Australia, Bondi can produce some great waves for all surfers. This beach break offers both left and right handed waves with offshore winds blowing from the north with some shelter from the north east winds. A popular surfing spot for locals and tourists alike, Bondi can get crowded when the surf is pumping!



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