Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House


When travellers arrive in Australia, they’ll surely be interested in a visit to the Sydney Opera House. With its eye-catching architecture and picturesque location set near the Sydney Harbour, visitors will view a remarkable structure that is world-renown.


The structure’s architect was Jørn Utzon, who was from Denmark. Utzon designed the Opera House’s distinguishing roof line that includes its intertwining vaulted domes. The roof line sits on a tiered platform and is encompassed by terrace sections that allow visitors to move around the space. After the innovation of the Sydney Opera House, the arts have been able to shine with performances such as live opera, ballet and symphony. When guests arrive, they’ll have the chance to tour one of the opera house’s working sites.

Travelers who visit the opera house in the early hours will be able to take the backstage tour, which gives guests the opportunity to view the opera’s backstage area where famous artists, such as Pavarotti, Ella Fitzgerald and Mikhail Baryshnikov, have performed. The awe-inspiring sight of the Sydney Opera House will enthral visitors while ensuring a memorable trip.


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